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SEM Soil Compactor 518

SEM Soil Compactor 518

SEM operator cabin

SEM operator cabin

SEM Soil Compactor 518

SEM Soil Compactor 518

SEM Soil Compactor 518

SEM Soil Compactor 518

SEM 520


The main application of SEM soil compactors is road base compaction and ground/foundation compaction.

The 518/520/522 model is most widely used in road base compaction in larger projects; such as for national roads, highways, airports and other important infrastructure projects. Outstanding characteristics:

Productive: The unique vibratory pod design along with the 50mm thick drum provides superior compaction performance.

Reliable: The vibration system utilizes a unique vibe pod design that extends the lifespan by over 50%.

Efficient: Digital frequency meter and three-level alarm system monitor machine performance.
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Model SEM518 SEM520 SEM522
Operating Weight 18000kg 20000kg 22000kg
Vibration Frequency (High/Low) 30/28Hz 30/28Hz 30/28Hz
Amplitude (High/Low) 2/1mm 2/1mm 2/1mm
Excitation Force (High/Low) 327/188KN 360/208KN 374/215KN
Static Pressure 415N/cm 461N/cm 507N/cm
Rated Power 129kw 129kw 140kw
Speed 2000r/min 2000r/min 2000r/min
Fuel Tank Volume 262L 262L 262L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume 80L 80L 80L
Drum Width 2130mm 2130mm 2130mm
Drum Diameter 1600mm 1600mm 1600mm
Drum Thickness 40mm 50mm 50mm
Tires Type 20.5-25 20.5-25 20.5-25
F/R 2.98km/h 2.98km/h 2.98km/h
F/R 5.88km/h 5.88km/h 5.88km/h
F/R 9.60km/h 9.60km/h 9.60km/h
Swing Angle ±12° ±12° ±12°
Steering Angle ±33° ±33° ±33°
Outer Turning Radius 6350mm 6350mm 6350mm
Max. Gradeability 34% 34% 34%

Size A B C D E F G H β
SEM518 6,250 3,200 2,310 2,130 1,600 3,100 460 2,160 33°
SEM520 6,250 3,200 2,310 2,130 1,600 3,100 460 2,160 33°
SEM522  6,250  2,310  2,130  2,130  1,600 3,100  460  2,160  33°

The swing angle of the front and rear frame ±12°



  • Applications include road, railway, airfield and industry yard compaction
  • Optional diamond shape pad-foot roller for compacting clay soils
  • Optional square shape pad-foot roller for compacting sandy materials

High efficiency

  • 50mm drum, compaction performance is 10%~15% better than competitors
  • Isolated modular cooling system, works in an ambient temperature of 43


  • Vibration system utilizes an eccentric vibe pod design, extends life up to 50%
  • Closed centre hydraulic system, world-famous piston pump and motor
  • Electronically controlled transmission, easy and comfortable to operate


  • Digital frequency meter monitors compaction frequency
  • Three level alarm system and Engine speed gauge monitor machine performance

SEM offers a tiltable cabin which provides more convenient maintenance of the pump, transmission, hose and electronic components

  • The hydraulic tiltable cab is optional
Configeration (O=Optional) SEM518 SEM520 SEM522
20.5-25 Diamond Tread Tires O O O
20.5-25 Agriculture Tread Tires O O O
Cold Start (intake air heating) O O O
Compaction Meter O O O
A/C (Cooling & Heating) O O O
High Ambient Cooling Syst O O O
Cab Hydraulic Tilting Device O O O
Sunshade Curtain O O O
Deluxe Suspension Swiveling Seat with Safety Belt O O O
Heater Only with Defrost O O O
Radio/Rotating Beacon/Rear Wiper & Washer O O O
Diamond Shape Padfoot with Steel Scrapers O O O
Square Shape Padfoot with Steel Scrapers O O O

Electronically controlled transmission

  • Easier to shift, reduces operator fatigue and improves working efficiency
  • High reliability

Axle equipped with Proportional Torque differential (PTD)

  • PTD controls torque applied to the wheels based on ground conditions, improves overall traction
  • Grade ability is 34% compared to competitors’ at 30%
  • Optimized transmission ratio, 1st gear has a higher travel speed

Vibratory Frequency Meter

  • Continuously displays machine compaction frequency
  • The operator may select an appropriate frequency to avoid excessive compaction

Three Level Alarm System

  • The machine will diagnose system issues and notify the operator with 3 levels of warning indicator lights and audio alarms

Display Contents

Transmission Oil Temperature

Battery Voltage

Vibratory Frequency Meter

Working Hours


Closed centre hydraulic system

  • Improves efficiency by 20% over the open centre system
  • Reduces oil contamination, prolongs the life of hydraulic system
  • Maintains higher pressure and smaller energy loss
  • Allows for simpler hose routing
  • Requires smaller volume hydraulic tank, reduces maintenance cost

World class vibratory hydraulic components

  • SEM518/520 utilize Sauer piston pump and motor
  • SEM522 utilize Rexroth piston pump and motor

Vibratory hose

  • Utilize Eton hoses and joints, high reliability
  • Optimized hose routing, prolongs hose life
Cat® Product LinkTM

Cat® Product LinkTM will support your business, and accurately convey information of the equipment to relevant personnel in a timely and effective manner for your better equipment management.

Vibe Pod Design
  • Eccentric vibe pod design extends system life by 50%
  • Steel shot moving inside the closed eccentric block, stable and reliable vibe amplitude, reduces impact to the motor, prolongs maintenance period of the vibratory system
  • Completely sealed eccentric gear eliminates contamination, prolongs bearing life
  • SEM520/522 are equipped with a 50 mm thick drum compared to competitors with a 40 mm thick drum, provides increased compaction performance versus the competition
Cooling System

Isolated modular cooling system

  • Suction style fan pulls low-temperature air through the radiator, providing a superior cooling capability
  • The optional high ambient cooling system allows the machine to work in ambient temperature up to 50 °C

Shunt tank provides constant system pressure and provides an easy visual check of coolant level